I am the author of Third Tier Reality, a blog devoted to informing prospective law students about the dangers inherent in attending law school, in the U.S. 


If you go into serious debt for a law degree, then be prepared to flush your future away.


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  1. Mariam says :

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My father was a District Attorney and my mother had just graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Kabul, when my parents both decided to escape the war in Afghanistan in hopes of a brighter future and better opportunities for us children.

    I was born in Afghanistan, raised in Germany and came to the US when I was 14 years old. My parents sacrifice drove me to be extremely ambitious. I wanted to be successful, not just to secure my own life, but that of my parents too.

    I started high school in December of 1997, in the middle of the school year, with limited English. I was placed in ESL (English as second language) classes, which didn’t count towards college prep credits . I was determined to go to a 4 year college. To make that happen, I had to quickly advance to and meet the requisite college prep classes and complete my credits to graduate on time.

    In a few months, I had advanced to honors English. I went to every session of summer school and did independent study in addition to my regular class load. I made my goal and I was admitted to the University of California Davis straight out of high school, despite my guidance counselor telling me it was impossible.

    In 2006, I obtained my college degree in Political Science and German. In 2008, I began law school at Golden Gate University School of Law (a private law school). This is when everything changed.

    Graduating from law school was a dream come true, which never did. The curve worked against me and no matter how much I knew or how hard I worked, it didn’t matter. The goal of the school was not to teach student the law, but to make them compete in this impossible battle against each other. I was getting deeper and deeper into debt and was eventually dismissed after 1 year.

    I was doing an internship at the Franchise Tax Board at the time and I remember my mentor (the attorney I interned for) told me “if this is what you want to do in life, don’t quit. It’s just a bump on the road.”

    Determined, I studied for the “ First Year Law School Exam” (or baby bar) and passed on the first try. I was readmitted to Golden Gate University School of Law. and given a mere semester to improve. My grades did improve, not to the impossible requisite level. I was crushed. I wasn’t given a fair chance. I had to get straight A’s and only a couple of B’s to get to the requisite GPA after only 1 semester. I was dismissed again and I am currently in debt $ 175,000.

    I am completely dgisabled. If I start to work, I have to make monthly payments of
    $ 1300 on my law school debt and with the cost of childcare for 2 kids, I’ll be left with nothing.

    All of my hopes and dreams have ended. I want my daughter to look up to me and be proud of me, but I have basically become crippled. I can’t afford to have a career. There seems to be no way out. I can’t go back to school with $ 175,000 in current debt. This has taken a serious toll on me emotionally.

    I want a life. I want the ability to be able to provide for my family solely (if my husband is ever unable to) or jointly with my husband. I want to contribute to my household financially.

    I hope my story can help you make a change. Don’t let anyone else be punished for seeking a higher education and trying to improve their lives


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